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Note: This is a DRAFT policy for adding IM services to the list maintained by Team. This policy was last updated 2008-01-10. Please send feedback to the email address "verification @".

In order to be added to the list of IM services, a service must do the following:

  • Offer SSL / TLS support using a non-self-signed certificate by a recognized certification authority. (The XSF offers free certificates to Jabber server administrators via the XMPP ICA.)
  • Offer client-to-server connections on port 5222 (or a port discoverable via SRV) and on the SSL-only port 5223 (for certificate checking).
  • Offer server-to-server connections on port 5269 (or a port discoverable via SRV).
  • Offer a website with information about the IM service (e.g., contact information for end users) on port 80 or 443.
  • Allow the Team to probe the IM service for add-on services such as multi-user chat rooms and gateways.
  • Maintain 99.9% uptime (e.g., as tested by [[). Uptime will be monitored continuously. The server will be added after a 1 month testing period, if it has met all the the requirements.
  • Provide complete and accurate information about the IM service, including information about the service administrator and the approximate geolocation of the server.
  • Allow the Team to verify data about the system administrator and/or hosting organization via telephone.