Sam Whited Application 2021

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After another brief hiatus, I would like to apply again for XSF membership. In the past I have served as an author on many XEPs and acted as an editor and member of the council.

My goals in re-joining the XSF are to help create some benefit to joining other than being allowed to volunteer on committees (I have already started working on this a little as a non-member in the form of advocating for the XSF to become a fiscal host), and to change the rules so that others can volunteer on committees without becoming members (so that membership isn't a prerequisite to volunteering, rather volunteering is a path towards membership and taking more active roles within the organization). I am also still attempting to find a way to work on XMPP related projects during my day job again, and am hoping that being a member might help.


I've contributed a number of features to Conversations (though I mostly don't work on Android anymore) and many more one-off patches to other XMPP clients, servers, and libraries. In particular, I wrote and maintain the Mellium set of XMPP tools, clients, and libraries in Go.


Here are some of the XEPs I've written or contributed to in the past.