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S. Moonesamy

I would like to put my name forward for a seat on the XSF Board

Who Are You?

I work as a consultant for Eland Systems. The work involves implementing mail-related protocols, HTTP, DNSSEC, IPv6 and several other protocols. I review some of the IETF technical specifications on behalf of the IETF Applications Area Directorate and process documents. I am currently co-charing the IETF SPFBIS Working Group and I am a member of the RFC Independent Submissions Editorial Board.

There is an interview from a few years back.

I can be contacted at mailto:sm+xsf@elandsys.com

Why Are you Standing?

A volunteer organization such as the XSF is only sustainable if people step forward to volunteer their time and effort. It is worthwhile to engage with the XSF community as it may help further the objective of having an open and decentralized infrastructure for communication. Although non-technical work is not appealing, someone has to do it for the XSF to be functional.

But Why You?

It helps to have a large choice of candidates for the Board. The documents in which the XSF process is defined follow an approach similar to IETF and RFC Editor processes. It takes a lot of effort to keep all that working. I have been involved in similar efforts. I can bring a fresh outlook by working with the XSF members. I favor openness and transparency. In my opinion actions speak more than words. It takes more than one person to make things happen.