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XMPP Roundup: software

Welcome to the 15th Roundup of the XMPP community, part dedicated to new and updated software.

This is brought to you by Neustradamus, with the help of ??.


Coccinella 0.96.18

Sander Devrieze has released a new version of Coccinella, a free and open-source cross-platform communication tool with a built-in whiteboard for improved collaboration with other people.

Pidgin 2.7.0

Pidgin Team has released a new version of Pidgin.

Vacuum-IM 1.0.2

Vacuum-IM Team has released a new version of Vacuum-IM.

Aqua 0.5 beta 2

Aqua Team has released a new version of Aqua.

Pandion 2.6.106

Sebastiaan Deckers has announced the release of Pandion 2.6.106, with many improvements....

Jabbim 0.5.1

Jabbin Dev Team has released a new version of Jabbim.

Gajim 0.13.4

Yann Le Boulanger has released a new version of Gajim.

Swift 1.0 beta 1

Kevin Smith / Remko Tronçon have released the first version of your new client Swift.


Prosody 0.7.0 RC2

Prosody 0.7.0 RC2 is ready for wide testing. It includes a large number of improvements.


FireTrail is an HTTP REST to XMPP PubSub gateway for server-side JavaScript created by Stephan Maka.

There finishes this Roundup. You are encouraged to talk about it everywhere, and contribute to it.