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XMPP Roundup: software

Welcome to the 15th Roundup of the XMPP community, part dedicated to new and updated software.

This is brought to you by Neustradamus, with the help of Nyco.


  • TextOne 2.0

  • Sharing music with Speeqe

  • Spark 2.6.0 RC1

  • Jabiru 2.2

Michal "zet" Zbortek has released a "new generation" of the Jabiru XMPP client for Android.

  • OneTeam Desktop beta1 is open source

ProcessOne has released OneTeam Desktop beta1.

  • Jappix 0.3 "Prism"

Valérian Saliou has announced Jappix 0.3, codenamed "Prism".

  • Jappix Mini

Valérian Saliou has announced Jappix Mini.

  • SIP Communicator is doing voice and video on Jingle

The SIP Communicator team has announced the support for voice and video over Jingle.

  • Xabber 0.9.12 Beta

Xabber is a new XMPP client for Android.

  • Vkontakte Messenger 1.0.2

  • imov Messenger

  • Poezio 0.7.1

  • Beem 0.1.5

  • jTalk 0.29

  • Jabbroid 0.6h

  • EMess

  • Mundu IM

  • SIP Communicator becomes Jitsi


  • Prosody 0.7.0

Matthew Wild / Waqas Hussain have released a new version. It includes a large number of improvements.

  • Prosody 0.8.0 RC2

  • ejabberd 2.1.6

  • ejabberd 3.0.0 alpha 2

ProcessOne has released a new version.

  • Spectrum 1.4.7

Jan Kaluža has released a new version.

  • Openfire 3.7.0

Guus der Kinderen has released a new version.

  • Apache Vysper 0.7

The Apache MINA project has released a new version.

  • xmpp_gateway 0.0.2

XmppGateway is a server that allows XMPP stanzas to be posted via HTTP POST requests, it provides a synchronous API for IQ messages so that a reply is included in the body of the response.

  • Tigase 5.1.0 Beta 2

  • node-xmpp-bosh: An XMPP BOSH server written for node.js


  • FireTrail

FireTrail is an HTTP REST to XMPP PubSub gateway for server-side JavaScript created by Stephan Maka.

  • xmppjs

xmppjs is a fork of xmpp.js (a library for node.js that allows you to connect to an XMPP server as a component created by Matthew Wild).

  • node-xmpp

node-xmpp is an idiomatic XMPP library for node.js created by Stephan Maka.

  • txmpp

txmpp is C++ library, derived from libjingle, coded under New BSD license.

  • sparqlxmpp

sparqlxmpp is a Python library for SPARQL XML queries over XMPP.

  • Jaxl 2.1.1

Jaxl is a XMPP Client Library in PHP] created by Abhinav Singh.

  • exmpp 0.9.5

ProcessOne has released a new version.

  • HXMPP 0.4.5 (Jabber/XMPP haXe library)

Disktree has been released a new version.

  • XMPP Client for node (High level xmpp client for node.js)

  • strophejs-plugins

  • libjingle is now compliant with XEP-166 and XEP-167

  • Atmosphere 0.7

  • Jreen

  • JSJaC 1.3.4

  • AXMPP 0.0.1


  • H-box: interconnected home networks

  • foafnet (SPARQL/RDF/XMPP goodness)

  • jabberjaw (a Trac plugin for broadcasting changesets and ticket modifications to an XMPP server of your choice)

  • PsBrowser 0.1.1 (a PubSub browser)

  • PSGS 0.2 (A PubSub server written in JavaScript)

  • RadioAunty 2.1.1

Duncan Robertson has been released a new version of RadioAunty.

  • TwiMeido - a Twitter client for XMPP clients

Rainux Luo has created TwiMeido.

  • mobilis - A Service Platform for Collaborative Social Applications

  • pyjabberbot 0.6

  • talkmyphone 2.06



  • Saros

  • Pontarius

  • A Simple XMPP Client for mbed v1.0

  • node-xmpp-trace: sniff your unencrypted XMPP stanzas

  • Using XMPP to post content on blog/sms/facebook

  • The JSON Bot / JSONBOT

  • Movim 0.1