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xeerkat is a P2P computing framework over XMPP. xeerkat is not a new project, but original and never covered by the XMPP Roundup.

XMPP Framework

XMPP Framework, using XMPPHP, brings XMPP features to Drupal: XMPP-Drupal users correlation and relationship, XWChat web chat client (based on JSJaC), MUC, and notifications. This module is contributed by Darren Ferguson of OpenBand.

Legacy IM Connections via M-Link

Isode has announced that they are partnering with Zion Software to deploy the JBuddy XMPP Gateway for connectivity between Isode's M-Link server software and legacy IM networks.


The Étoilé user environment for the GNUstep project is building in support for sending what they call "CoreObjects" over XMPP using their emerging XMPPKit; as a result they hope to enable collaborative editing, whiteboarding, and other interactive applications.

Libjingle in Chromium

Libjingle, the Google's opensource library for Jingle, has been committed in Chromium, the opensource base of the Chrome browser.


Spectrum is an XMPP gateway, released under the GPL license, using the libpurple and gloox libraries, coming from a Google Summer of Code project.

GWT bindings for the Strophe XMPP library

Johann Prieur has announced on his blog the availability through Bazaar of gwt-strophe, under the MIT/X/Expat License, a binding for Strophe, the XMPP library. It is now in its early stage, and need testing and bug reports.


The Ruby software under a BSD-like license RDFbus is a middleware for enabling RDF publish/subscribe payloads over XMPP and Stomp.

Tigase Server 4.3

Artur Hefczyc has released the version 4.3 of the Tigase Server. It contains a lot of performance improvements, as well as new features, like monitoring, scripting, or roster versionning, and much more.

Device state and MWI via PubSub in Asterisk

Asterisk, the well-known opensource telephony platform, integrates a feature (at the time of this writing, waiting for testing) enabling to broadcast the device states and the MWI (Message Waiting Indicator), using the XMPP's publish-and-subscribe mechanism.


Telepaatti is IRC to Jabber/XMPP gateway compatible with MUC-protocol (Multi user chat). It allows you to join MUC-rooms and communicate with Jabber/XMPP users via your IRC client. Telepaatti acts as Jabber/XMPP client imitating IRC-server.


Emite is a GWT XMPP library (Google We Toolkit) under the LGPL v3 license.

Streaming Apple Events over XMPP

Dan Brickley has released a Ruby script that re-routes the Mac OS X Apple Remote event stream to XMPP.

ReaTiWe and PaaS

ReaTiWe (for "real-time web") is an application hosted on the Google App Engine (GAE), which is a "playground for all cool real-time-related stuff", including technologies such as XMPP, WebHooks, and PuSH (PubSubHubbub). It relies on PaaS for Presence-as-a-Service, which is using XMPP presence stanza for microblogging. Both ReaTiWe and [paas PaaS] source codes are published by Stoyan Zhekov.

Confbot: a Google Talk conference bot

Perry Lorier has written and released Confbot under the GPL license. It is a python bot that enables group chats to Gtalk (and XMPP) users. It has been written in the early days of Gtalk, back in 2005.

ejabberd_testing: automated testing for ejabberd modules

Eric Cestari has posted a short article on his blog, pointing to ejabberd_testing. The goal is is to be able to test ejabberd modules. It is released under the BSD license.


Released under the Artistic and GPL licenses, joom is a collaborative brainstorming tool, similar to a group chat plus topics creation. First originality, the UI combines the personal roster, as well as the room roster. The other originality, is that the UI shows different views of the conversations: the regular stream of messages, and the active and inactive topic views, which filter out messages with certain hashtags. Thus it is possible to hold mulitple conversations in one room.

gloox 1.0

The famous gloox library, for clients and components, has been released in version 1.0, under the GPL license. Do not mix with the glooxd libray, made for servers.


Remote remotes

oai-pmh and xmpp The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting

Clustering plugin for Openfire is now open source

Oslo Protocol federated location sharing and proximity detection

retepXMPP Server, Client & Library retepXMPP is a suite of libraries for writing applications using the XMPP Protocol utilising technologies like JAXB & Grizzly. Being modular it is possible to create components, clients or even embedded servers. Requires Java 6 or later.

Web presence

Prosody 0.6.0 and 1 year old


Teruaki Gemmahas developped a Firefox extension

Gajim 0.13


Coccinella 0.96.16 Released

MatriX for .NET released

Psi 0.14 is out

This time this has been made sure Psi is not missed in the Roundup:

Haskell: XMPP and matsuri