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The mission of the XSF's Technical Review Team is to continuously improve the technical quality of specifications produced by the XMPP Standards Foundation.

Target / Goals

The team is currently completing a review of XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat.

Team Members

The team members and their areas of interest/expertise are:

  • Fabio Forno (mobile, pubsub, core)
  • Nathan Fritz (pubsub)
  • Waqas Hussain (MUC, pubsub, core)
  • Tuomas Koski (core, pubsub, scalability)
  • Steffen Larsen (BOSH, pubsub, Jingle, multi-user Jingle, scalability)
  • Joe Maissel (core, server-to-server, Jingle, scalability, middleware, operations)
  • Alex Malgaroli (mobile)
  • Peter Mount (MUC, server-to-server, pubsub)
  • Peter Saint-Andre (core, server-to-server, MUC, Jingle, pubsub, i18n, security, registries, operations)
  • Kevin Smith (MUC, pubsub, core)
  • Luca Tagliaferri (mobile, MUC, pubsub)

Mailing List

Next Meeting

Date: 2010-??-?? ??:?? UTC/GMT