Remko Tronçon Application 2006

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I'm a PhD student, and am currently finishing my PhD at the K.U.Leuven, Belgium. I have been an OSS developer for many years, both as an author and a contributor.


I am a member of the core development team of Psi since early 2005, after having contributed regularly since 2003. Most of my free time is spent on developing for Psi, and has recently resulted in implementations of MUC, PEP, Avatars, Remote Controlling (JEP-0146, of which i am (co-)author). Besides development for Psi, i also contribute to various other Jabber OSS projects, including Wildfire and PyMSN-t. This year, I am mentoring two Google Summer of Code projects (Instant Syndicating and Psi Whiteboarding). I always hang around on the Jabber mailing list, trying to contribute as much as i can to the various discussions and questions brought up.


Obviously, my main activity for the following period will be Psi development. Besides this, I still have some contributions to finish for Wildfire, and I have no doubt there will be other contributions following for other projects as well. I also mentored a 'Jabber Maps' related project at the university this year, which also needs finishing and deployment.


I am reapplying for JSF membership mainly as an IM client developer. Although XMPP isn't strictly an IM protocol anymore, and is used for many different interesting tasks, I feel it is important that IM is not forgotten. As a JSF member, I am motivated to keep up the active discussion contributions from the IM point of view. Of course, I will not always be wearing the IM hat, and am very dedicated to develop and promote XMPP in general, which is the job of a true JSF member.


If you're interested in discussing my application with me, feel free to contact me.