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I am Remko Tronçon, a PhD student at the K.U.Leuven (Belgium). I have been involved in a variety of free software projects in the past, but recently limited this to Jabber-only projects.


I have been a regular contributor for the Psi project since 2003, both in code as in community support. Since April 2005, i am part of the Psi core development team.


I am author of JEP-146: Remote Controlling Clients.


Besides the code, standards, ..., i also put a lot of value on the less tangible Jabber-related things. As a Psi developer, i get in contact with many people on a daily basis. Besides members from the community, Psi users, other client developers, there are also the non-Jabber users, and even IM newcomers. These conversations made me gain a lot of insight on the both the positive and negative points of the Jabber world, and gave ideas for future developments. On the other side, i always try to reach people in these conversations, and show them why they could benefit from Jabber.


While i have ideas for a few interesting new Jabber projects, being a client developer does not leave much room for side-projects. This is why, besides my work on Psi, i will mainly be focusing on working with other people and encouraging them to work on some ideas.

Additionally, i will try to combine work with pleasure, and am planning to propose student projects combining Jabber with my own research field. This will hopefully allow me to devote a little bit of my dayjob time to Jabber as well.


I'm applying for JSF membership, because i feel this would take both my commitment as my involvment in the Jabber community to the next level. I would like to give extra input to the JSF, both from the perspective of a client developer, as a critical IM user.