Ralph Meijer for Council 2005

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Me and Jabber

I've been active in the Jabber community since late 2000, and my involvement with, and contributions to, the community and the JSF in particular, has increased over time as witnessed by my recent JSF Membership Application.

Fourth Council

From my viewpoint as member of the fourth Jabber Council, I believe we did a good job in reviewing and progressing JEPs in the JSF's standards process. We managed to process a fair number of existing and new JEPs, and stay productive troughout the council's term, while doing our job thoroughly. I believe we met most of the goals I deemed important in my position statement last year.

Fifth Council Priorities

I believe we have most of the building blocks for a solid protocol suite covered. Some loose ends are still to be tied up, but that will progress naturally. These are in my opinion the most important issues the fifth Jabber Council should focus on:

  • Produce a proper and workable End-to-End encryption protocol.
  • Find a solution to the vcard issues.
  • Work on making IM applications use pubsub in a productive manner and surrounding the existing protocol with facilities like by announcing, discovering and sharing pubsub nodes and having roster-like storage of a subscribers' subscriptions to nodes.
  • Describe how pubsub intermediates (proxies, filters, etc) could work for builing powerful pubsub enabled information systems.

As always, the focus should be to provide generic building blocks for builing useful services, both for Jabber IM as well as non-IM. Protocol work should be supported by code, to gain hands-on experience and avoid being cought in theoretical debates without progress.

Why me?

I believe I can continue contributing productively in reviewing and progressing Jabber protocols by offering my expertises to the Jabber Council.