Ralph Meijer Application 2005

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My name is Ralph Meijer (ralphm) and I'm applying for the continuance of my JSF membership.


I've been an active member of the Jabber community since late 2000. Since then I'm involved in doing experiments with new Jabber protocols resulting in various pages at my personal site ralphm.net. Examples are the Jabber Fish Tank at that sites front page and the Jabber World Map. I'm one of the founding members of the JSF.


I've contributed to many protocols, both in the JEP standards process and the XMPP workgroup. Some of those contributions have resulted in the (co-)authorship of a number of publish-subscribe related JEPs:

I am a member of the current (4th) Jabber Council.


I maintain the following Jabber related services:

  • Planet Jabber - *The* aggregate blog of Jabber related blogs.
  • Mimír - A Jabber enabled news service / web-based news reader.


Not all of my Jabber related code is (currently) publicly available. However, some of the code created for my experiments mentioned above is available in the download section of my site. Furthermore, I'm the author of the following projects, of which the code has been released under a BSD (-like) license:

  • Idavoll - A (framework for building a) server-side component that implements a JEP-0060 compliant publish-subscribe service.
  • Tune - A small client that publishes the currently playing song in Rhythmbox using JEP-0118 User Tune.

Also, I'm the current maintainer of the Jabber support in the Twisted Framework.


I am a strong promoter of Jabber related technologies and have been given presentations at the european conferences FOSDEM, XTech, and NLUUG. Also, I've organised a Jabber developers' room and Jabber booth at FOSDEM on several occasions.


To continue my work within the JSF for the European continent. I will also re-apply for the next term of the Jabber Council.