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Criteria should be independently verifiable. For example stats (compliancy, up time, TLS) should be generated with open source tools and the results should be linked from the list. Things like Privacy policy should be linked from the list as well.

  • Passes the Conversations Compliance Test
  • Provides IBR (redirect to website is OK)
  • Up-time of >=99.5% in the last 30 days. (On XMPP level (successful login) not just TCP). For example measured via
  • Grade A (no self signed certificate, no insecure TLS settings) on
  • Provides a privacy policy (link)

Additional Criteria

Criteria that are generally nice to have but are we are unsure on how to verify them. (Suggestions welcome)

  • Complies with GDPR
  • Has a bus factor > 1
  • No extremely restrictive anti spam policies like allowing only messages from people in your contact list

List of providers

Provider Server(s) location (and providers) Up time (30 day average) Compliance TLS Privacy Policy Fee - - 19/19 Grade A Free Germany (Manitu) 99.52% 19/19 Grade A 8 Euro / year after 6 month trial - 100.0% 19/19 Grade A free France ( 99.72% 19/19 Grade A Free - 99.66% 19/19 Grade A Free USA (AWS) - 18/19 Grade A Free - 99.92% 19/19 Grade A Donation