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to a Provisioning Server]
to a Provisioning Server]
* [https://www.thingk.me/Provisioning/Papers/Bridging%20MQTT%20&%20XMPP%20networks.pdf Bridging MQTT & XMPP Internet of Things networks]
* [https://www.thingk.me/Provisioning/Papers/Bridging%20MQTT%20&%20XMPP%20networks.pdf Bridging MQTT & XMPP Internet of Things networks]
* [https://www.thingk.me/Provisioning/Papers/Extending%20the%20Semantic%20Web%20to%20P2P%20XMPP%20Networks.pdf Extending the Semantic Web to Peer-to-Peer-Like Sensor
* [https://www.thingk.me/Provisioning/Papers/Extending%20the%20Semantic%20Web%20to%20P2P%20XMPP%20Networks.pdf Extending the Semantic Web to Peer-to-Peer-Like Sensor Networks Based on XMPP]
Networks Based on XMPP]

== Purpose for re-applying ==
== Purpose for re-applying ==

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My name is Peter Waher, and I'm a cofounder of Clayster. Clayster provides a platform for Internet-of-Things-based services hosted on everything from plug computers to the cloud, and incorporates apart from Internet-of-Things functionality also Semantic Web technology. Our interest in XMPP is to use it as the basis for a safe and secure IoT infrastructure.

IoT platform based on XMPP IoT XEPs:

Some links containing information about what we do:


XMPP Activity

I've spent the last year rallying support for the use of XMPP within IoT and writing XEPs that lay the foundation for interoperable IoT applications using XMPP. I'm also currently writing a book, "Learning Internet of Things", where XMPP plays an important part.

List of XEPs that I've been part in creating:

There is also one awaiting approval:

And these are work in progress. They are largely complete, but require some more work:

The following presentation provides information about both the XEPs above, and future planned XEPs relating to the Internet of Things:

Some papers I've written concerning XMPP:

Things using Thing Registries]

to a Provisioning Server]

Purpose for re-applying

The main purpose for reapplying for membership is to be able to propose XMPP extensions. Our main interest is to expand XMPP to be used mainly within the following three areas:

  • Internet of Things.
  • Semantic Web (web 3.0).
  • Decentralized Social Networking.

Apart from the XEPs waiting approval and not yet terminated as listed above, the plan is to provide XEPs for:

  • IoT Battery Powered Sensors
  • IoT Multicast
  • IoT publish/subscribe

Nagging in my mind as being a good idea is also:

  • Distributed Data storage
  • Distributed File System