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My name is Peter Waher, and I work as CTO for Clayster AB. Clayster provides a platform for services hosted in the cloud, Semantic Web, the grid orand sensor networks. My interest in XMPP stems from the fact that we're using it for M2M communications, peer-to-peer communications in IP-TV applications and as a transport layer in IP-based sensor networks (Internet of Things).

Some links contining information about what we do:


Purpose for applying

The main purpose for applying for membership is to be able to probose XMPP extensions. Our main interest is to expand xmpp to be used mainly within the following two areas:

  1. Sensor networks. This includes among others:
    • Sensor detection, integrated with existing XMPP standards
    • Sensor meta data, capabilities
    • Starting sensor readouts
    • Sensor configuratons (i.e. controlling devices for home automation)
  1. Semantic Web (web 3.0). This includes:
    • Semantic Service discovery, integrated with existing XMPP standards.
    • Publishing SPARQL endpoints over XMPP
    • Transporing semantic information (RDF/XML, Turtle, SPARQL Results/XML, etc.) over XMPP