Peter Saint-Andre for Council 2006

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I've been involved with the Jabber community since late 1999. I've been the JEP Editor since the JSF was founded in 2001 and the JSF's Executive Director since 2002.


Since I'm not a great coder, my original contributions to the Jabber community were HOWTOs (e.g., for jabberd 1.4 and Winjab). Since 2001 I've mostly focused on documenting existing protocols and writing new protocol specs. As a result I edited the XMPP RFCs and have also written dozens of JEPs. I've also kept the JEP process humming since 2001 as JEP Editor.

Sixth Council Priorities

To follow.

Why I'm Running Again

It's important that the Council stay productive. That doesn't necessarily mean publishing a lot of JEPs -- code is more important than protocol -- but it does mean publishing the right JEPs and trying to push them through the JSF standards process as quickly as we can. I'm running for Council again because I think I've done a good job of pushing the Council in 2004-2005, and I can do that again for 2005-2006.