Peter Saint-Andre Application 2019

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How Have You Contributed to XMPP?

I got involved with the Jabber community in November 1999 and have been contributing ever since. I wrote many of the early XEPs as well as the core XMPP RFCs at the IETF. From 2002 to 2017, I served as Executive Director of the XSF.

That's Nice, But What Have You Done for Me Lately?

Not much. Although I continue to serve as the XSF's Treasurer, my technical contributions to the XMPP community have dropped off. I still monitor XSF discussion lists and chatrooms in case I can be helpful. I also run the messaging service.

What Are You Working On?

I work on the Firefox team at Mozilla, where I manage the technical aspects of our strategic partnerships.

Why Are You Reapplying?

It's probably good for the XSF's Treasurer to be a member of the XSF.