Peter Saint-Andre Application 2008

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I've been involved in the Jabber/XMPP community since November 1999. In the beginning I wrote some README and howto documents, but since 2001 I've concentrated on writing protocol specs -- mostly XEPs and RFCs. Over the years I've given a lot of talks about XMPP at LUGs, industry conferences, etc. I also help to run the XSF and the infrastructure.

I would like to retain my membership because I am still very much committed to improving XMPP technologies and I would like to run for the XMPP Council again.

My plans for the next 12 months include finally completing the Jingle extensions and advancing the XMPP RFCs to Draft Standard in the IETF. (Well, I said that in 2007 and we still haven't finished those work items, but we're getting really close!)

My email address and JabberID are both if you have any questions about my application.