Peter Millard Application 2005

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My name is Peter Millard, and I am re-applying for JSF Membership.


I have been an active contributor to the jabber community since 1999. I have been on the JSF council since the JSF's inception in 2001. In the pre-JSF days, I was a primary contributor to the evolvoing core Jabber protocol, as well as wrote the first native win32 Jabber client WinJab. Since then I have helped review, and mold many of the protocols that we have today.


I am the primary author of the Exodus client, wrote the JabberCOM Win32 library. As the manager of the Jabber, Inc. core XMPP server team, I oversee and help design all of the server products that Jabber, Inc. produces.


I am currently one of the primary admins for all of the, infrastructure. This includes maintaining the public jabber server as well as DNS, mail, and web services.

Council, JEPs

Throughout the life of the JSF, I have written, and co-authored many JEPs. As a member of the council, I have reviewed, commented, and contributed against every JEP submitted.


I am reapplying to the JSF because I'd like to continue providing technical assistance to the council as well as to continue my admin work for the infrastructure team.