Nicolas Vérité Application 2008

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Copied-pasted and edited Nicolas Vérité Application 2007.

Personal stuff


  • In 1996, I discovered both the internet, Linux, Free Software and IRC
  • (I don't remember when) I discovered first ICQ, then Yahoo! Messenger (at that time Yahoo! Pager) and then... Jabber !
  • Then I just watched Jabber grow
  • XMPP was published as an IETF standard in 2004
  • I got involved in the french Jabber community at

Jabber/XMPP Projects


  • None. Sorry. I know only two languages: french and english. And well... a little bit of german. Ach gut.
  • I sometimes report bugs and suggest features... that help other people code (better)
  • Does wiki code count for code?


Talks and chats

Where I'm mostly active

All my slides on SlideShare

Evangelization methods

  • Talk about XMPP, everywhere
  • Demo
  • Give talks, publish my slides
  • Make people install a client and create an account
  • Chat with them
  • Invite them to chat rooms
  • Transfer them files
  • Invite them to chatrooms, so that they can fill their roster
  • Talk about the many applications based on XMPP: presence, monitoring, alerts, PubSub, applications, bots, EAI, remote commands, collaborative editing, etc.
  • Evanglize on open standards
  • Hate the walled-gardens

Plans for the future

  • Make people know
  • Make people understand
  • Make people switch
  • Make people adopt
  • Find the killer-app
  • Understand, document and share
  • Write for paper-magazines, so that XMPP can take off also outside the immaterial world
  • Revive Jabber Journal? (aouch, I've written it...)
  • Secret sauce projects ;-)

Why I like XMPP

Because, it's:

  • an open standard
  • fun
  • modern
  • ubiquous
  • rapidly-evolving
  • got an open and open-minded community, can't believe it, even specs are free(speech)!
  • the federating IMP system

Why I'm re-applying

  • Because it's cool to be a member
  • Because it counts as a vote in XSF, a proof of confidence, in a world where lobbying is more and more important
  • Because I'm an active evangelist and I want to do more (even if it's not easy to contribute time)
  • Because you're taken more seriously when you give talks if you're an XSF member
  • To stay in constant contact with XMPP technologies
  • To follow their evolutions

What else?

  • I don't know...