Nicolas Vérité for Board 2017

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I am a candidate for the Board of Directors.

I have been once long ago, and once more in 2017.


  • XSF commTeam
  • XMPP Roundup
  • XSF Board of Directors
  • Meetups (Paris, Krakow)
  • Booths at events (Solutions Linux, POSS - Paris Open Source Summit)
  • ejabberd (ProcessOne)
  • Libon, lifeisbetteron (Orange)
  • MongooseIM (Erlang Solutions)


  • we are very good at specifications, but only by developers for developers, we don't ask enough our users <= WE HAVE TO MAINTAIN THE EFFORT
  • we are a standards organisation, which means no/few innovation, more focus on standardisation of what exists <= WE HAVE TO FIND GOOD/BEST PRACTICES TO STANDARDISE
  • we should accelerate the standardisation of good and best practices already available on the market, both in terms of specs and implems <= PUSH FOR IMPLEMENS OF NEW XEPs, COLLECT FEEDBACK
  • we should be walking much much into territories we just don't occupy:
    • communication and marketing: we should all contribute to finding and spreading the news all over the places <= SOME COORDINATED EFFORT TO PRODUCE, WE'LL ALL GAIN FROM THIS
    • UX: we should care more on modernising the terrible UX that we suffer, as a consequence our image is hideous <= PUBLIC FACING SOFTWARE PROJECTS NEED NEW BLOOD
    • business cases: we should target a more broader range of people, such as decision makers and executives, CIOs, CTOs, etc. <= SOME COORDINATED EFFORT TO PRODUCE, WE'LL ALL GAIN FROM THIS