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As said in User:Nyco:

My real nickname is Nÿco ;-)


Born in 1974 in France, I had my first computer I shared with my brother in... 1984, an Amstrad CPC6128 (with 128 KB of RAM and double-sided floppy disks of 2 x 178 KB).

I discovered both the internet, Linux and the free software in 1996, while studying electronics at INSA of Toulouse (south-west of France), an engineering school.

I don't remember when I discovered ICQ, then Yahoo! Messenger and then Jabber, but I recently got involved maybe two or three years ago in the french Jabber community at

In parallel, I worked three years as an Oracle DBA, then three years as a Linux/Unix system engineer in on open source company, and since 2007 as an opensource consultant/integrator in a big services company.

I also am moderator of a higher-quality-than-Slashdot Slashdot-like website, and a wikipedist.

Jabber/XMPP Projects

As said just above, I usually work on



Sorry guys, I can't code. Code is useful, but there are so many other things that are useful.

Though, I sometimes report bugs and suggest feature requests.

Jabber documentation

Plans for the future

  • Make people know and understand
  • Maybe make some of them make the switch
  • Find the killer-app that will make them switch
  • Understand, document and share


  • I did one on Jabber clients at Solutions Linux
  • I will do another one at the LSM
  • I plan to do one for Parinux, the Paris area LUG

Jabber - Why I like it

Because, it's fun, modern, rapidly-evolving and has a bright future... and because it's an open standard.

Why I'm applying

To stay in constant contact with Jabber/XMPP technologies and follow their evolutions closer than what I did until now.