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Here you can submit news items for inclusion in the next XMPP Newsletter (as managed by the CommTeam).

What determines relevancy?

The submission must ideally be a blog or article about XMPP/Jabber and/or XMPP-based software (clients, servers, libs).

Some exceptions might be made, for example for a release page showing a new release of some XMPP-based software.

However, marketing brochures (e.g. single-page marketing sites) for new products which don't contain information on XMPP, won't be included.



Marek Foss, of ProcessOne, details the story on how they have deployed an XMPP geocluster for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil

Cyril Brulebois wrote a short piece on Sending HTML messages with Net::XMPP (Perl).




Maxime “pep.” Buquet reports on the XMPP sprint in Lyon in July held at Wisolv's offices: DOAP - Description Of A Project, Reactions, Occupant-id, and more.

The next XMPP sprint in Stockholm will be held on September 28th and 29th, in the Nacka Municipality.

Extensions and specifications

Software releases


Prometheus XMPP Blackbox Exporter (Apache license 2.0) allows you to probe XMPP services and export metrics from the probes to Prometheus.

The igniterealtime community has announced multiple releases:

Antonino Siena has announced xmpp-http-upload, a lightweight and efficient http upload server for XMPP (MIT license).

Mickaël Rémond has announced ejabberd 19.08, with JSON Web Token, configuration validator, improved scalability, and more.

Jérôme "Goffi" Poisson has announced SàT PubSub 0.3.0, a server independent PEP/PubSub XMPP service, which aims to be complete and universal.


Kaidan 0.4.0 and 0.4.1 have been released, and is available to download on Linux, Windows, and macOS (and experimental Android and Ubuntu Touch).

Xabber 2.6.4(634) WHAT'S NEW

+ Improved message archive synchronization + Greatly improved startup speed + Support of references in messages: files, forwards, markup (bold, italic, etc), mentions, quotes + Alert sound on receive and send messages in chat, that you can disable in settings + Image compression setting + Some visual changes

  • Fixed avatars in notification
  • Fixed some bugs and crashes


StanzaJS (formely known as has been released in version 12 beta.