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=== Articles ===
=== Articles ===
The Debian XMPP Team has [https://xmpp-team.pages.debian.net/blog/2019/05/debian-xmpp-team-starts-a-blog.html launched a blog]!
Daniel Gultsch, of Conversations fame, has written a post on [https://gultsch.de/regulations.html A pathway to a well regulated instant messaging market].
Kiran Jasvanee has written a piece on the discovery of the protocol: [https://medium.com/@kiran.jasvanee/what-is-xmpp-ios-perspective-e1357555bef What is XMPP — iOS Perspective?]
Mickaël Rémond from ProcessOne, has written a huge story on [https://blog.process-one.net/ejabberd-nintendo-switch-npns/ ejabberd & Nintendo Switch NPNS], on how they iteratively optimised the system.
Not related to XMPP, but to messaging in general, so maybe of interest, Tommy Crush of Instagram wrote a post on [https://instagram-engineering.com/making-direct-messages-reliable-and-fast-a152bdfd697f Making Direct Messages Reliable and Fast].
Peter Saint-Andre wrote a [https://stpeter.im/journal/1629.html short post on XMPP Grid].
=== Videos ===
=== Videos ===
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=== Events ===
=== Events ===
Guus has written a summary of the [https://discourse.igniterealtime.org/t/xmpp-sprint-in-the-hague-nl-june-2019/85315 XMPP Sprint in The Hague], in Netherlands, in June 2019.
Another XMPP Sprint is [https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Sprints/2019_July_Lyon coming in Lyon, France, on 13-14th of July]. Stay tuned for one near you.
=== Extensions and specifications ===
=== Extensions and specifications ===
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==== Servers ====
==== Servers ====
ProcessOne has released [https://blog.process-one.net/ejabberd-19-05/ ejabberd 19.05], improving MIX and MucSub.
Conversation's [https://compliance.conversations.im/ server compliance tester] has been redesigned and is now easier to navigate.
Ignite Realtime has released [https://discourse.igniterealtime.org/t/openfire-4-4-0-beta-release/ Openfire 4.4.0 beta].
Erlang Solutions has [https://www.erlang-solutions.com/blog/mongooseim-3-4-designed-with-privacy-in-mind.html released MongooseIM 3.4.0] with a strong focus on GDRP compliance.
==== Clients ====
==== Clients ====
[https://www.kaidan.im/ Kaidan], a modern, full-featured alternative to proprietary messaging solutions featuring decentralization and privacy, has announced they [https://www.kaidan.im/2019/05/10/kaidan-joins-kde/ join KDE].
[https://github.com/siacs/Conversations/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md Conversations 2.5.0, 2.5.1, 2.5.2] added public channel search via search.jabbercat.org and reworked onboarding screens.
[https://monal.im/blog/ios-3-8-released/ Monal 3.8 for iOS] makes XMPP easier for non technical users, as the new registration screen is easier and faster. And a new [https://monal.im/blog/mac-release/ macOS] release followed.
[https://tigase.net/content/beagle-im BeagleIM (for macOS)] and [https://siskin.im/ SiskinIM (for iOS)], brought to you by Tigase, now both support OMEMO end-to-end encryption protocol, contributing to the improvement to privacy on internet.
Movim has announced it is the the first XMPP app that has added [https://nl.movim.eu/?node/pubsub.movim.eu/Movim/movim-is-the-first-xmpp-client-that-supports-message-reactions-Id7F5J emoji reaction to messages], in one to one conversations and chatrooms. It is making use of [https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0367.html XEP-0367: Message Attaching]. So [https://www.patreon.com/movim/posts support Movim now Patreon].
Librem 5 has made again a lot of progress, including [https://puri.sm/posts/librem-5-end-of-may-progress/ Lurch OMEMO plugin] for end-to-end encryption in the Chatty XMPP and SMS messaging for better privacy, and [https://puri.sm/posts/librem-5-june-software-update/ the UX] features a new padlock and fingerprint display.
Goffi is following up nicely with the progress of Salut à Toi, for weeks [https://www.goffi.org/b/PfwWuArAxKnqvSND78iTig/progress-note 24] and [https://www.goffi.org/b/byydDYtov3BUtRBwT8fgUg/progress-note 25], very rich read!
==== Libraries ====
==== Libraries ====
strophejs, the JavaScript XMPP library (published under the MIT license) was released in [https://github.com/strophe/strophejs/releases/tag/v1.3.3 version 1.3.3].
=== Other ===
=== Other ===
Tigase is Gold sponsor of the XSF!
=== Services ===
=== Services ===
=== GSoC ===
=== GSoC ===
The [https://xmpp.org/2019/06/xsfs-google-summer-of-code-2019-projects/ XSF has announced] its participation in the Google Summer of Code 2019.
The selected projects are:
* [https://gsoc-prosody-2019.blogspot.com Prosody plugin installer], by João Duarte
* [https://madhur96.github.io/gsoc19/ Poezio infinite scrolling using MAM], by Madhur Garg
* [https://hrxi.github.io/gsoc/ Jingle File Transfer for Dino], by hrxi

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