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I = IM user, B = Business, D = Development, C = Contributor


  • Forums (I)
  • Mailing List (D)


  • Wizard (I)
  • Jabber Dictionary (I, B)
  • End user Tutorials (I)
  • Developer Tutorials (D)
  • Evangelization Material (I, D)
  • Submission Guide (C)


  • What Is Jabber? (I)
  • Advantages Over Other IM Systems (I)
  • Advantages Over Other IM Systems in Business (B)
  • Advantages Over Other Solutions in development (D)
  • Corporate Players List (I, B, D)
  • Case Studies (B)
  • Jabber FAQ (I, B)
  • Jabber Development FAQ (D)
  • Wiki (I, D)
  • External Links (I, B, D)


  • Software Updates (I, B, D)
  • XMPP Deployment (B, D)
  • XMPP Development (D)
  • Aggregated News (I, B, D)


  • Client List (I, D)
  • Server List (B, D)
  • Component List (D)
  • Library List (D)
  • Public Server List (I, D)
  • Review List (I, D)
  • XEP List (I, D)
  • Custom Project List (I, D)


  • Chatrooms (I, D)
  • Web-based Messenger (I, D)
  • server Statistics (I, B, D)
  • status info (I, D)

(usual needed stuff)

  • Contact Form (I, B, D)
  • Site Mission (I, B, D)
  • Licence (I, B, D)
  • Disclaimer (I, B, D)
  • service FAQ (I, B, D)
  • Search (I, B, D)