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I have been active in the Open Source community since 1993, mainly in French Linux non-profit organizations. In December 1998, the Erlang/OTP language and environment have been released under an Open Source license and I have been active in this community since then (Erlang User of the Year 2004 and author of the French Erlang book published by Eyrolles).

My interest in Jabber gets back to 2000 when I was working at a company called IDEALX. I introduced Erlang as one of the main development languages in this company. The company won a big project for large-scale deployment of Jabber Instant Messaging for the French Internet Service Provider LibertySurf. The architecture was built around Jabberd with a lot of Erlang code for clustering, scalability, and high-availability (See: The migration from Erlang to OTP: A case study of a heavy duty TCP/IP Client Server application for the summary of the architecture, from an Erlang point of view). At this time, I was in charge of the development of an XML-based EAI (Enterprise Applications Integration system) called Buster.

Since 2005, my involvement in the Jabber community increased, while founding ProcessOne, actively developing ejabberd and related components / software.

I have been involved in the XSF as a member from 2006 to 2009 and served the XSF board in 2009. I kept on working on ejabberd and other XMPP project since then, but I had to reduce my involvement in the community as I needed to focus on expanding and managing ProcessOne. However, this allowed me to gain a lot of experience on push notification service and mobile development, as an addition to server developments. I feel this experience can benefit the XSF. I managed to get a lot more involved in 2015-2019. 2020 was kind of special due to the pandemic, but I still managed to push ejabberd forward. I am planning to work on new XEP implementation in 2021.


I have been working on various XMPP projects over the year. I wrote client library in Erlang and Go. I contributed to ProcessOne work on mobile clients. However, I am mostly known for being one of ejabberd lead developers.

My current topics are around web clients, as an addition to my involvement in ejabberd.


I gave many talks on XMPP over the year I have been working on XMPP (More than 15 years) and plan to keep on doing the same this year. I have launched a video series (XMPP Academy) to help new developers understand the protocol that is still today very popular.

Why am I reapplying this year ?

This year I plan to keep on spreading the word about the XMPP protocol. My primary interests at the moment are still heavily on connected things, Web clients, mobile and push support, but also on chat support implementation on top of XMPP and integration with other web services (APIs). I am working on bridging web technologies with XMPP to make our protocol more easy to enter for new developers.

Contact Information

- XMPP: mremond[A]process-one.net - E-mail: mremond[A]process-one.net