Mickaël Rémond for Board 2008

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I am the founder of ProcessOne (http://www.process-one.net/) and developer on ejabberd (http://www.process-one.net/en/ejabberd/), an open source XMPP server implementation, and several other related Jabber projects. I have been active in the Open Source community since 1993, both working on open source development and in French Linux non-profit organisations. My interest for Jabber gets back to 2000, when I was working for a company developing a clustering and scalability layer around Jabberd.

Since then, I have been doing mainly XMPP and Erlang activities. I have been a member of the XSF since 5 years now. My main focus is to push XMPP to its limit in term of scope, reliability and scalabity to make a good business case for the protocol.

Why I'm reapplying

The XMPP protocol is currently booming and the original vision is currently on its way to be achieved. It is not only anymore a chat protocol, but it is used as an event based protocol. It is now at the heart of some new highly innovative applications: XMPP as a way to coordinate a cluster of server, XMPP as a web service platform, XMPP as a news distribution mechanism, XMPP as a channel to mobile phones. XMPP is a glue between users, applications and devices. The whole idea of XMPP application server now makes sense.

My goal is to help making sure that the dream of an ubiquitous XMPP stays on its track and that the XSF is doing the right thing to share the vision and make it possible.

From a business perspective, this means convince more people to participate to the XSF (we need volunteers), more companies to become sponsor and more people to use XMPP.

I also wants to represent the XMPP businesses in the XSF, as more and more companies are relying on XMPP to make a living.

This target are obviously long term effort. I will primarily focus on helping the XSF and the community behind it in defining and walking through the first steps on the road, by asking the right questions, and by participating to conference around the world to promote the protocol.


My IM ID: mremond @ process-one.net