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I am the founder of Process-one (http://www.process-one.net/) and developer on ejabberd (http://www.process-one.net/en/ejabberd/), an open source XMPP server implementation, and several other related Jabber projects. I have been active in the Open Source community since 1993, mainly in French Linux non-profit organisations. My interest for Jabber gets back to 2000, when I was working for a company developing a clustering and scalability layer around Jabberd. Since then, I have been doing mainly XMPP and Erlang activities. I have worked on an XML-based EAI (Enterprise Application Integration platform), that is nowadays known as J-EAI (XMPP based integration platform). I have been a member of the XSF since 4 years now. My main focus is to push XMPP to its limit in term of reliability and scalabity to make a good business case for the protocol.

Why I'm reapplying

The XMPP protocol is an IETF standard. The XEP process have produce a fair amount of good and ready to implement extensions to the protocol. However, we have reach a point where we both have a strong technical asset and a growing adoption of the protocol. However, the protocol is still not spread largely enough, in accordance to its technical merits and its standard status. We probably also need to layer the protocol. It is hard for implementor to know what to implement first, what is stable and what is moving etc.

My goal in reapplying is to try helping the standardisation process by making it compliant with industry rules and mid term stability.

My second goal is to get more big companies involved in the XSF and to have cross domain discussions with other technologies (Adobe with Flash technologies, SIP companies, etc).

This target are obviously long term effort. I will primarily focus on helping the XSF and the community behind it in defining and walking through the first steps on the road, by asking the right questions.


My IM ID: mremond @ process-one.net