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Boltzmannstraße 3,<br/>
Boltzmannstraße 3,<br/>
85748 Garching bei München,<br/>
85748 Garching bei München,<br/>
Room: '''TBA'''
Room: [https://portal.mytum.de/campus/roomfinder/roomfinder_viewmap?mapid=142&roomid=03.07.023@5607 03.07.023]
| '''Chat Room:'''
| '''Chat Room:'''

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Bavarian XMPP Meetup
Date: Third Monday every month

18:00 local time

Location: Technical University of Munich

Boltzmannstraße 3,
85748 Garching bei München,
Room: 03.07.023

Chat Room: xmpp:bayern-meetup@rooms.dismail.de

Upcoming Meetup

The first ever Bavarian XMPP Meetup will take place on 17.06.2019 at 18:00 local time.

New to XMPP?

No problem! There will always be a short introduction to the world of XMPP.
Everyone is welcome here!
Talks can be held in English if there's someone not understanding German.

Planed Talks

  • UWPX pitch
  • Consisten color generation and OMEMO
  • ...