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Call for Quorum

The following 33 XSF members voted via proxy:

  • alex (at)
  • bmalkow (at)
  • daniel (at)
  • dele (at)
  • dwd (at)
  • emus (at)
  • flo (at)
  • georg (at)
  • gnauck (at)
  • guus.der.kinderen (at)
  • intosi (at)
  • jabber (at)
  • jabberjocke (at)
  • jonas (at)
  • kevin.smith (at)
  • kobit (at)
  • lance (at)
  • linkmauve (at)
  • mremond (at)
  • natalie (at)
  • nyco (at)
  • peter (at)
  • peter (at)
  • sam (at)
  • siegle (at)
  • soul (at)
  • tim (at)
  • tm (at)
  • travis (at)
  • vanitasvitae (at)
  • winfried (at)
  • wojtek (at)
  • zash (at)

The XSF has 51 members as of this date. Therefore quorum is achieved in accordance with Section 3.8 of the XSF Bylaws.

Items Subject to a Vote

New and Returning members. Vote yes or no for the Q3 2020 applicants.

Opportunity for XSF Members to Vote in the Meeting

The following members voted in the meeting

  • TODO

Announcement of Voting Results

Applicants Yes No
Martin Dosch X X
Holger Weiß X X

Reappliers Yes No
Travis Burtrum X X
Severino Ferrer de la Peñita X X
Timothée Jaussoin X X
Konstantin Kozlov X X
Bartosz Malkowski X X
Tobias Markmann X X
Ralph Meijer X X
Edwin Mons X X
Emmanuel Gil Peyrot X X
Peter Saint-Andre X X
Jonathan Siegle X X
Lance Stout X X
Natalie Wirth X X
Marvin Wissfeld X X

Any Other Business?

  • TODO

Formal Adjournment

  • TODO