Matthew Wild for Council 2010

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My name is Matthew Wild (and sometimes 'MattJ'), and I am located in the United Kingdom. I have been an XSF member since January 2008.

Me and XMPP

My main work at the moment, since launching the project in 2008, is in leading the development of Prosody, a lightweight XMPP server. For details of my other XMPP-related work, feel free to browse my XSF membership applications.

XMPP Council

I was elected a council member for 2009-2010, and am standing again with the aim of continuing the work we have been doing.

In the coming term I personally will be focusing on improving specifications for message archiving, stream reliability/resumption (XEP-0198), invisibility and an "better" component protocol (~XEP-0225). I would also mention the various spam/spim specifications here, but I believe they need implementations now, not more specifications. Therefore with my server developer's hat on I'll be implementing those whether I'm elected to council or not :)

Very much in line with my software development principles, I favour XEPs that:

  • Are as small (limited in scope) and as simple as possible, but obviously no simpler
  • Allow for fast and efficient implementations; for servers especially, but also clients
  • Don't needlessly duplicate existing protocols in use
  • Have working existing or proof-of-concept implementations

I won't specifically mention criteria related to the actual document's writing style itself, Peter Saint-Andre already does an excellent job of writing and tidying XEPs during the standards process, and ensures they contain plenty of examples and cross-references. The XMPP specifications are unrivalled in that respect :-)

If you agree with the above then yay, you found a reason to vote for me!