Matthew Wild Application 2009

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My name is Matthew Wild, and I am located in the United Kingdom. I work with XMPP for fun and for food, and I currently lead an open-source server project.

XMPP-related work this past year

If you are interested in how I became involved in XMPP, please read my previous application. In particular my long-term goal stated there is still in progress.

New projects



  • Running xepbot/HAL in the jabber/jdev MUCs on
  • Making a total of 4 blog posts, down from 11 in 2007 (helping the environment)
  • Implementing offline messages and roster sequencing in an XMPP server
  • I wrote this list once already, but my browser crashed. I'm sure I had more items before...
  • :)

Planned XMPP-related work in 2009

I plan to continue working on Prosody, and bring Verse out of alpha. I also have planned some new ideas for the site, more on that some other time.

I'm sure I'll find some other ways to make myself useful too.


  • MattJ in jabber/
  • Jabber/email: me (at)