Mathieu Pasquet Application 2018

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Personal details

Mathieu Pasquet
Email (and JID)
mathieui @
Software Engineer
Alter Way

XMPP history

I started using XMPP around 2008-2009, after hanging out on free software forums where people were promoting public MUCs. Then I got hooked and started running my own private XMPP server on destitute hardware, and a separate open server a bit later. I also got into programming and started helping on poezio and related projects, of which I am now one of the maintainers. More than a year ago, I helped Link Mauve keep the JabberFR server and community alive by providing a server and joining as an admin. I also am a regular at french (and non-french) Free Software events where I try to promote XMPP as much as I can.

Why I am applying

I have only been a member for a year, and while I already mostly knew about the standards process for a long time before then, I didn’t have much insight into the XSF as an organization compared to now. None of what I currently do actually requires XSF membership (apart from voting for council or board), but I intend to apply for the editor team soon in order to help the standards process move forward.