Martin Hewitt for Board 2017

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I’m currently employed by Surevine, working on XMPP-based federated collaboration projects, primarily in the cyber-security market.

I have served on the Board for a year and am standing for re-election.

XMPP-related work

We use XMPP at the core of our software platform, which I am the Product Manager of. We make heavy use of federation, PubSub, and the emerging MIX standard. Surevine are involved in supporting the Openfire community.


I have served on the Board for a year, and wish to continue helping the XSF, Council, and the XMPP community get the support it needs to advocate for XMPP-based solutions, and bring more people to the project.

As decentralised structures gather favour, it is important that the XSF has well-attended meetings, clear decisions, and an open process for prioritising and responding to needs in the community. It also must function quickly and decisively to allow standards to evolve as the market shifts, and take advice from the community to ensure the XSF’s money is spent wisely to make the most of conference attendances and other marketing and outreach opportunities.


Email (work):

Email (personal):


Company: Surevine