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* [[Summer of Code 2010]]
* [[Summer of Code 2010]]
* [[Board and Council Elections 2010]]
* [[Membership Applications November 2010]]
* [[XMPP Summit #9]]
* [[XMPP Summit #9]]

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Welcome to wiki.xmpp.org!


This wiki is a sandbox for work on the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol or XMPP, provided for public use by the XSF. To obtain an account on this wiki, ask someone in the jdev@conference.jabber.org chatroom for help (sorry, we don't allow open registration because we're trying to avoid the spammers).

XMPP technologies

Introductory articles:

More in-depth (though unfinished yet) articles:

  • Core -- information about the core XMPP technologies for XML streaming
  • BOSH -- an HTTP binding for XMPP (and other) traffic
  • Jingle -- SIP-compatible multimedia signalling for voice, video, file transfer, and other applications
  • Multi-User Chat -- flexible, multi-party communication
  • PubSub -- alerts and notifications for data syndication, rich presence, and more
  • Reliability -- AMP, message receipts, stream management, Ping, keepalive, etc.
  • Privacy -- presence subscriptions, privacy lists, simple communication blocking, etc.
  • Admin -- DNS SRV, certificates, etc.
  • Disco -- what is this "disco" thing?
  • XMPP URIs -- What is it?

Upcoming Events

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