Magnus Henoch Application 2006

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My name is Magnus Henoch, and I am applying to become a member of the JSF.

About me

I am a 22 years old student living in Gothenburg, Sweden, studying computer engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. In MUC rooms I usually call myself "legoscia".

Jabber/XMPP projects


  • I am the alpha hacker of jabber.el, a Jabber client for Emacs.
  • I wrote the semi-usable lisp-jabber, a Jabber library for Common Lisp.
  • I have written various patches and modules for ejabberd, including the (yet unfinished) PEP patch.
  • From time to time I'm hacking jinglepipe, a pipe interface to libjingle.

Server administration

I am one of the administrators of the public server (also known as


I once wrote XEP-0173: Pubsub Subscription Storage, and intend to convert it to use PEP some time.

Why I'm applying

I'm applying to affirm my involvement in XMPP hacking. In particular, I hope to help making Jingle and PEP more widespread.