MUC Administration Guidelines

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The conference server is for use by anyone, however we ask you to respect our service and guidelines. The following guidelines are strict rules that need to be read and followed by any user of the server and services to be aware of any measures taken against and/or consequences of their actions.

(Provided that people have good manners, it isn't absolutely necessary for them to read these guidelines. They are informatory and provide us (and you) with rights (and restrictions) -- so that you won't be able to say that we didn't tell you how to use our services or how to behave in a conference room, etc.)

Abusive language

Excessive use of bad language will not be tolerated. A moderator will warn you when your language is not acceptable. We try and keep the room as family-friendly as possible.

English only

The occupants of the room speak mostly English, and are often unable to help you if you do not do the same. If your English is not good, there are other rooms available in many languages:

General (all welcome)
???????¹ (Russian)
Español (Spanish)
Français (French)

(help us add more rooms, if you know a room that should be added, let someone know!)

Please dot not insist talking in your native language if no one is answering your message. If one or two people do answer your message, please move to a dedicated room for your language if one exists (if not, then create one).


We have no problem with well-behaved bots, however any bot may be kicked/banned at the moderators discretion. If you need to test your bot then use another room, for example

Don't send private messages

If you do not know the person, and they do not know you, it is considered impolite to send them private messages. Talk in the room, and other people may be able to help with your problem too! A simple "Hello" and stating whatever question you may have is a good start. Looking at the room's topic, which is publicly visible, is the best way to find out if you're in the right room or not.

Be polite

There is no need to start a conversation with "asl?", and it is impolite to ask people personal information like that. You can often find information that people have chosen to publish in their vCard (profile information), which you can usually find by right-clicking on their name. Asking for directions is also considered polite, so if you need help finding a room with a specific topic, don't be afraid to ask.

Off-topic talk

Very off-topic discussion should be taken to another room. Feel welcome to join, a friendly room with no particular topic.