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My name is ?ukasz Marek Sielski and I'm applying to retain my JSF membership.

Detailed info about me is on Sielay.

Who am I?

21 year old student of Economics from Poland. I work as an programmer for about 4 years. For two years I'm developing various jabber software.

What I did?

  1. The biggest jabber soft I wamd was GIM (Gloport Instant Messenger) for [gloport.net].
  2. With User:Uls I was preparing Jabber Software Map.
  3. Also I've made jabber lib for Delphi =< 7.
  4. At the momemt because leak of time I'm using jabber only for synchronising databases

Why I apply

I want to be useful in such projects like JSF and in future work on data synchronising protocols on xmpp.


Yes. I forgot. You can mail be sielay@sielay.com or ping me sielay@jabber.org