Lars Åkerskog Application 2014

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My name is Lars Åkerskog. I work at Clayster, previously KTC Tech. I have 25+ years of experience in embedded development, including m2m communication.

At Clayster I am responsible for embedded software development, including an in-house ARM Cortex M4 platform and a third-party ARM Cortex A9 platform running Linux.


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  • Company: Clayster AB, Sweden

XMPP Activity

In 2010, we began to use XMPP in our Automatic Meter Reading, AMR, system as a means to bypass NAT routers and firewalls. In the beginning we simply tunneled our proprietary protocol over XMPP. This worked out well, we now have around 2000 metering nodes connected via XMPP.

The last year I have implemented XEPs 0323-0326 and 0347 on our platform as a proof of concept. We wish to move away from proprietary protocols and instead promote open solutions. The entire XMPP stack with the XEPs above takes less than 10 kB program memory and 5 kB RAM, excluding IP and TLS stacks.

Purpose of Applying

I hope that my hands-on experience of deeply embedded XMPP applications can contribute to the XSF work, especially in the area of Internet of Things. I also expect to learn a lot from my fellow members.