Johann Prieur Application 2010

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Johann Prieur

I'm a 24 years old engineer, originally from Rennes, France but currently living in Oslo, Norway. I am hereby applying for XSF membership.


I work for TANDBERG, a Norwegian video-conferencing company. The company supports me for attending XMPP related conferences but my faith in XMPP and potential future involvement in the XSF are personal.

XMPP related activities

  • My interest in XMPP originates in 2004 and for some years I mainly played with it in pet projects of mine;
  • I'm the maintainer of GWT bindings for the Strophe javascript XMPP library and of Vala bindings for the Wocky C/GObject XMPP library;
  • I contributed a few bits to Whisper, a now defunct XMPP library written in Vala;
  • My current interests lie around Jingle nodes and the wonders of PubSub;
  • I've been involved in the experimental development of several software clients based on XMPP instant messaging, Jingle and PubSub. I also have some experience in developing server-side components for ejabberd and tigase;
  • I never miss a chance to advocate XMPP, whether on the Internet or at work, where I gave several talks on XMPP, and annoyed lots of colleagues by forcing them to listen to my lobbying speeches or to read the XMPP definitive guide;
  • I attended the sixth edition of the Summit last year and SeaBeyond last december. I always find it inspiring to be in contact with both people defining XMPP and people building on top of it. I will be attending next Summit in Brussels and I am not expecting less of it!

Why joining the XSF?

In the past months I have been working more and more with XMPP technologies and it confirmed all the good I thought about this protocol. It is obvious to me that the role of the XSF and the people involved in XEP definitions, refinements and maintenance is central and is what made of XMPP a very pleasant protocol to work with. Being grateful of this, I am enthusiastically willing to increase my involvement in the XMPP community and I think that being an XSF member, serving as part of the communication team (and eventually as a technical reviewer), can help me to achieve that goal.

How to reach me