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About Me

I'm Joachim Lindborg Geolocated in Uppsala Sweden I have been working with XMPP since 2011 and applied to XSF first time in 2012. Since then I'm convinced that it would be a perfect match for use in the Internet of things as the tool to make the systems interoperable.

Dedicated to work with innovative technologies around energy efficiency, visualisations and smart energy usage and the emerging technologies for advanced energy control both in private and in commercial with the drive towards smart customers on a global market. (copy from last year but still stands)

What I've been doing

I'm always advocating the usage of XMPP in IoT as much as I can.

Why I Am reapplying for XSF Membership

I am now in my sixth year as XSF member. I still believe in the usage of XMPP for IoT. It always takes longer time than one think to get something working but XMPP is part of the IoT world now and I would like to continue that work.

During 2018 I will (in non prioritised order)

last applications to XSF


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private firm Lindborg Systems in Sweden