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My name is Jesús Cea and I'm applying to retain my JSF membership.
My name is Jesús Cea and I'm applying to retain my JSF membership.


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My name is Jesús Cea and I'm applying to retain my JSF membership.


I'm currently having a serious and painful injure in my shoulder, keeping my arm in a sling. This page is a copy&paste from previous year, since it is difficult to me to write a new one at this moment. I will try to update it before time runs out. I beg your pardon.

About me

I'm 35 years old, spaniard, telecommunication engineer (a crossover between electronic engineering and computer science), working in a small but friendly ISP. I'm also into computer security business. Part-time freelance for soft and hardware projects.

Involved with computers since Commodore Vic-20 (around 1981-1982). Programming from nearly first day in 6502 assembler :-). I upgraded to a Commodore 128 around 1985-1986. Bought an Atari STE around 1990, and an Atari Falcon in 1992.

Currently working for a living with Linux and Solaris.

My main hobbies are computers, especially programming, and geocaching. Love good films/books/music.


I am available in XMPP/Jabber to discuss any point you like to clarify in this application:

- JID: jcea@jabber.org

- email: jcea@argo.es (I don't check my email daily. You'd better use XMPP)

- URL: http://www.argo.es/~jcea/ (mainly in spanish)


I've been involved in the XMPP/Jabber community since April 2004, although I try to keep a low profile. I came from IRC-Hispano, the biggest spanish IRC network, as chief architecture engineer/programmer. I am a JSF member since Q4 2004.

My visible contributions to XMPP have been sparse and light until now, nevertheless :-(. My main help has been pushing mindsharing in spanish speaking comunity, with several articles published, mailing list evangelism and conferences.

XMPP Interests

I'm personally very interested in seeing a Python XMPP server. I've spent three years and a half trying to join forces and get some financial backup. A couple of false starts. Things move slowly :-(. Still trying.

I'm also very interested in "end to end encryption" in XMPP. Slow-moving area, too :-(


Since I'm fairly tired of not having any XMPP python server out there, and given previous unsuccessful attempts to join/seed a project, I'm currently trying to get financial support to bootstrap a new project myself. Things progress slowly, but negotiation keeps flowing.

End to end encryption implementation needs some love too.


I publically support XMPP technology, far more scalable and open than my previous work in IRC. A lot of conferences and corporate advocating.

Qunu "expert" in "jabber".

I have also a presence icon in my webpage :-)

Why I'm reapplying

I thing that XMPP is the way of the future, and would like to be able to help to achieve its potential.

As I already said, Python XMPP server and e2e encryption are priorities for me. Given these, being able to share a membership with community relevant / XMPP technical gurus is a necessity to move forward those projects.

I only hope be able to give back something valuable in exchange :)