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My name is Jesús Cea and I'm applying to retain my JSF membership.

About me

I'm 34 years old, spaniard, telecommunication engineer (a crossover between electronic engineering and computer science), working in a small but friendly ISP. I'm also into computer security business. Part-time freelance for soft and hardware projects.

Involved with computers since Commodore Vic-20 (around 1981-1982). Programming from nearly first day in 6502 assembler :-). I upgraded to a Commodore 128 around 1985-1986. Bought an Atari STE around 1990, and an Atari Falcon in 1992.

Currently working for a living with Linux and Solaris.

My main hobbies are computers, especially programming, and geocaching. Love good films/books/music.


I am available in XMPP/Jabber to discuss any point you like to clarify in this application:

- JID: jcea@jabber.org

- email: jcea@argo.es (I don't check my email daily. You'd better use XMPP)

- URL: http://www.argo.es/~jcea/ (mainly in spanish)


I've been involved in the XMPP/Jabber community since April 2004, although I try to keep a low profile. I came from IRC-Hispano, the biggest spanish IRC network, as chief architecture engineer/programmer. I am a JSF member since Q4 2004.

My visible contributions to XMPP have been sparse and light until now, nevertheless :-(. My main help has been pushing mindsharing in spanish speaking comunity, with several articles published, mailing list evangelism and conferences.

XMPP Interests

I'm personally very interested in seeing a Python XMPP server. I've spent two years and a half trying to join forces and get some financial backup. A couple of false starts. Things move slowly :-(. Still trying.

I'm also very interested in "end to end encryption" in XMPP. Slow-moving area, too :-(


For 2007, I've secured government (Spain) financial support for development of e2e (end to end) encryption in XMPP environment. The initial implementation will be python-based, acting as a local proxy. So, it will be multiplatform and useable from any XMPP client.

Since I'm fairly tired of not having any XMPP python server out there, and given previous unsuccessful attempts to join/seed a project, I'm currently trying to get financial support to bootstrap a new project myself. Things progress slowly, but negotiation keeps flowing.


I publically support XMPP technology, far more scalable and open than my previous work in IRC. A lot of conferences and corporate advocating.

Qunu "expert" in "jabber".

I have also a presence icon in my webpage :-)

Why I'm reapplying

I thing that XMPP is the way of the future, and would like to be able to help to achieve its potential.

As I already said, Python XMPP server and e2e encryption are priorities for me. Given these, being able to share a membership with community relevant / XMPP technical gurus is a necessity to move forward those projects.

I only hope be able to give back something valuable in exchange :)