Jesús Cea Application 2005

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My name is Jesús Cea and I'm applying to retain my JSF membership.


I've been involved in the XMPP/Jabber community since April 2004, although I try to keep a low profile. I came from IRC-Hispano, the biggest spanish IRC network, as chief architecture engineer/programmer.


I'm personally very interested in seeing a Python XMPP server. I've spent a year trying to join forces and get some financial backup. Things move slowly :-(. Still trying.

I'm also very interested in "end to end encryption" in XMPP. Slow-moving area, too :-(


I publically support XMPP technology, far more scalable and open than my previous work in IRC. Some conferences and corporate advocating.

Why I'm reapplying

I thing that XMPP is the way of the future, and would like to be able to help to achieve its potential.

As I already said, Python XMPP server and e2e encryption are priorities for me.