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My name is Jehan and I'm applying for the second time at XSF membership. I resigned the first time during the last half of my membership as I left for a long time, far from computers and I didn't want to be a ghost member. Though I am still homeless, I am now more settled and in fact I still find time to participate...


I am 27 and live where the wind blows me. Lately it is in Japan. What I do now for a living is also a great philosophical question.

I like computer science as an art. Making some code working, but not just working: working well, with fluidity, beautifully and having people enjoy it. Yes that's my way of doing computer science.

In the end, I prefer to use and develop Free softwares only.

Jabber/XMPP involvement


Because I think XMPP can be one of the base protocole of an interesting and secure Internet in a close future, so I want to improve its basements as soon as possible.

XMPP related Code

  • Jabber Feed is a plugin for Wordpress automatically feeding Pubsub nodes with comments, posts, etc. and which provides other related features (like templates for creating xmpp PubSub links, autodiscovery links, a Wordpress widget, etc.).
  • xbookmarks is a Firefox plugin implementing a, for now, very basic bookmarks system through XMPP. It is based on XEP-0048. But honestly for now it is a very early version, not that hype. I plan to work on it soon, when I find time, and have ideas to make it a far nicer plugin. In the end, my goal was also to improve (a lot) the XEP which is -- let's be honnest! -- right now in a pretty sad state. So I plan to propose enhancements/rewrite it.
  • I have began to write an Objective Caml XMPP library. It is not officially released right now, so there is no description or official website anywhere about it. I wait for the code to be in a good enough state (it is working basically now for tests, but not for use on a real usage), so I prefer not to give any link to my repository (though it is opened, and findable through the internet. Some people even happened to find, read my code and send me emails about it).
  • My main interests in XMPP have not changed much lately: it deals mostly with PubSub or derivated works. I am also interested a lot about the collaborative fun/work processes (like dashboard, but also other stuffs), and Jingle related topics as well (multimedia exchanges in general).
  • I am an active bug reporter in other people's projects.

XSF and community participation

I am participating in the XMPP community mainly with some messages on the mailing lists sometimes (and the recent disappearance of the forum lately made me pretty sad! :-(), sometimes on MUCs as well, and a lot with discussion with stpeter (so you can ask him if I am not too boring). So yes I am not the most social type (don't search me on any social-related website/service: I won't be there) but I try to make some efforts and I tend to think my remarks are not always completely stupid... hopefully.

I also run my own private XMPP server (running ejabberd) for several years now, with only some friends, family and myself as users.

Though my primary goal is not to annoy everybody if they are not interested, I regularly happen to help and present XMPP to those who are (interested). I have among other things organized an event for the 10th anniversary of Jabber, late february 2009 in Paris, France. And I write regularly XMPP related tickets on my public diary, or other websites. Sometimes I advocate XMPP to people I know in other projects (like Mozilla, I think they will soon get to it, even though they are not sure yet). Hence I guess one can say I am a rather active advocate for XMPP, even though I really don't try to. I somehow don't think it needs to be advertized as it will eventually be used by anyone, anyway. This is the logical way in communication technologies' evolution... :-)


You can contact me either by email or IM. Both addresses are my name (Jehan) hosted at zemarmot.net.