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Tell the world that you use XMPP by including a "Jabber-ID" header in your outgoing email. This page describes how to set that up in various email clients. (Feel free to add the config for your email client, just put them in alphabetical order please. :-)

Note well: RFC 5322 does not allow anything but US-ASCII text in email headers, so if you have a Jabber ID with Unicode characters in it, you will need to escape those! See the Internet-Draft for details.


If you use mail-mode for composing mail, this should do the trick:

(if (not (string-match "Jabber-ID" mail-default-headers))
    (setq mail-default-headers
          (concat "Jabber-ID: your-jid-here\n"

If you use message-mode for composing mail (which you do if you use Gnus for reading mail), this should do the trick:

(if (not (string-match "Jabber-ID" message-default-headers))
    (setq message-default-headers
	  (concat "Jabber-ID: your-jid-here\n"


In Evolution, do the following (source):

  1. Select Edit > Plugins
  2. Enable Custom Header
  3. Click the Configuratin tab.
  4. Add the "Jabber-ID" header

For adding the header in outgoing mails do the following:

  1. Click New > Mail Message
  2. Select Insert > Custom Header
  3. Choose the "Jabber-ID" header


In KMail, do the following:

  1. Select Settings > Configure KMail
  2. Go to the Composer category
  3. Select the Headers tab (some versions call this 'Message List')
  4. Click on New
  5. In the Name: field, type "Jabber-ID"
  6. In the Value: field, type "[your-jid-here]"
  7. Click OK


In Apple's Mail.app program, do the following:

  1. Open a terminal window
  2. Construct a command like:
defaults write com.apple.mail UserHeaders '{"Jabber-ID" = "your-jid-here";}'


In Mutt, do the following:

  1. Open your .muttrc file
  2. In the Composing section (or wherever) add a line that reads
my_hdr Jabber-ID: your-jid-here

To show the header for incoming mails add the following to the .muttrc file:

unignore Jabber-ID


In Thunderbird, you need to define two separate config options, so do the following:

  1. Open the Preferences
  2. Click the Advanced icon
  3. Click the General tab
  4. Click the Config Editor button
  5. Right-click anywhere in the about:config window
  6. Select New -> String
  7. For the preference name, type "mail.identity.id.header.jid"
  8. For the preference value, type "Jabber-ID: your-jid-here"
  9. That's the first pref; now right-click anywhere in the about:config window
  10. Select New -> String
  11. For the preference name, type "mail.identity.id.headers"
  12. For the preference value, type "jid"
  13. If you have multiple accounts in Thunderbird, differentiate them with mail.identity.id1... and mail.identity.id2 (etc.)

Note: In the preference name for Step 7 and the preference value for Step 12, the string "jid" can be anything, as long as the string is the same for both.

Try Mnenhy to show the Jabber-IDs in email messages that people send you!

Mail Gateways

More e-mail header information in Email Gateway page.