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Many higher educational institutions offer a XMPP service to their users. This page lists details about these services (in alphabetical order) so that users of these services can find out if XMPP can be used as a collaboration tool.

Name Domain(s) Supports federation
(inter-domain communication)
Jabber IDs are the same as Email addresses Federation communication is encrypted Federated Multi-User Chat domain name Additional Information

Carnegie Mellon University

Yes Yes Optional Unknown, never tried Experimental Service

Gustavus Adolphus College

Yes Yes Optional Yes

New York University

  • nyu.edu
Yes Yes Optional Unknown, never tried Experimental Service

University of Pennsylvania

  • upenn.edu
Yes In some cases (format is [PennKey]@upenn.edu) Optional Available July 1, 2008

University of Texas at Austin - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • ece.utexas.edu
    (all departmental students, faculty and staff)
No Yes We do not federate, but localized transports enforce mandatory TLS/SSL. We do not federate, but localized MUC is supported. Service was built to get localized communication (student to student, student to advisor, faculty to admin assistant) off the commercial, external IM networks. We disabled registration, locked down external transports, encrypted all the channels, and let it loose. Service is still in its infancy; adoption has been slow. We currently retain/log little, and want to retain/log even less (blessed by our Information Security and Legal Affairs offices). About the UT-ECE IM service.

University of Texas at Dallas

  • utdallas.edu
Yes Yes. However, user's (optional) personalized email addresses (eg. @student.utdallas.edu) will not work. Only valid NetIDs are accepted for login. Optional Yes. Still in trial stages, but anyone with a UTD NetID is able to login.
Instructions for Logging in

University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • wisc.edu
    (all students, faculty and staff)
  • doit.wisc.edu
    (staff of Division of Information Technology)
  • ...plus many more (various departmental and organizational domains)
Yes Yes Yes No

About the WiscChat service