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About Me

I'm a developper of the project "Salut à Toi", a multi-frontends, multi-usages (not only focusing on instant messaging) XMPP client for more than 6 years. I'm following the XMPP community since then, and I recently started to write XEPs with my 2 first protoXEPs: privileged entity and namespace delegation.

The project aims to be fully-featured and to implement as many XEPs as possible, but also to experiment new things with XMPP. Some examples are the universal remote based on ad-hoc commands, the synchronisation of songs in a MUC room, piping a terminal stream or using Thunderbird to get XMPP messages (video in french, Thunderbid part at 3:50).


Jabber ID goffi@jabber.fr

e-mail address: goffi@goffi.org

Blog: http://www.goffi.org Project: http://salut-a-toi.org


I've worked on many projects mostly personals ranging from gamepad device driver to games, websites, tools, etc. After having worked for several companies, I've quit them to work fully on Salut à Toi.


We have created a french "1901 association", which is a non-profit organisation to manage "Salut à Toi". We hope to own our live throught the project in the close future. We have had low communication to the general public of the project on purpose: we wanted to have a solid project before it. We are trying to meet the XMPP community by attending event like FOSDEM in 2012, Berlin summit in 2014, or many libre softwares events in France (RMLL, JDLL).

We are also willing to join our efforts with other XMPP initiatives to build tools like microblogging, that's why we are in regular contact with other projects like Movim or Jappix.

Plan on working with XMPP

We are working to have a generic multi-usages communication tool, usable for everybody from general public to technical people. Our close term goal is to work together with other XMPP projects to improve PubSub usage and have a decent decentralized microblogging platform.