Interop Event Test Cases

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This page lists various test cases that will be addressed at the Interop Event.

XML Streams

See Section 4 of RFC 3920

Should test all stream error conditions, in particular the following for stream setup (i.e., before negotiation of TLS, SASL, etc.):

  • invalid streams namespace
  • unsupported default namespace
  • bad namespace prefix
  • host gone, host unknown, see other host
  • unsupported version


See Section 5 of RFC 3920

Should test the following:

  • Self-signed certificates
  • Certificates issued by root CA
  • Certificates issued by Intermediate CA

Testing non-cert TLS auth (e.g., IPSec) is probably out of scope for now...


See Section 6 of RFC 3920

Resource Binding

See Section 7 of RFC 3920

Address Determination

See Section 3.5 of RFC 3920

Server Dialback

See Section 8 of RFC 3920