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XMPP Interop

Plan: to make this the main page for all Interop information, a work-in-progress

Interop 2010

From Monday 6th December through to Saturday 11th December, the XSF conducted an online interop event. See [Interop 2010] for details and results.

The following servers participated:

The following clients participated:

Tests run:

  • XEP-0199 ping from client to each other test, meaning s2s worked.
  • Test if XEP-0199 ping to server with TLS succeeds and without TLS fails.
  • Test if XEP-0199 ping to server with incorrect TLS fails.

Interop summit10

At the 2011 Summit 10 there was a round of BOSH interop testing. To Do: The results need to be added here: Interop summit10.

Interop summit11

On on Friday, February 3, at the XMPP hackfest of Summit 11 in Brussel, the XSF will be conducting a live interop event. It is our goal to set up an infrastructure suited to accommodate a lot of different tests. During the day this infrastructure can be used for interop testing and debugging issues found. Details and how to participate can be found here: Interop summit11.