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The 89th IETF Meeting will be held in London, March 2 - 7, 2014 and during that event the XMPP Working Group will be meeting.

XMPP Working Group

Date: Tuesday, March 4th, 2014, 14:20-15:50


  • Hilton London Metropole
  • 225 Edgware Road
  • London, UK W2 1JU
  • Tel: +44 207 402 4141


Other IETF Working Groups meeting that day of possible interest to XMPP community members are:

The XMPP UK meetup will follow in the evening (see below).


Please add yourself to the list below if you are planning on attending the XMPP WG session.

  • Joe Hildebrand
  • Matt Miller
  • Peter Saint-Andre
  • Jack Moffitt
  • Kevin Smith
  • Ashley Ward (very interested but not sure exactly how useful I could be though)
  • Matthew Wild
  • Yusuke Doi
  • Thijs Alkemade

XMPP UK Meetup

We're planning on holding the XMPP meetup at MozSpace at 101 St. Martin's Lane, starting at 7pm. There will be free beer and food (probably pizza).

If you're planning on coming along then please RSVP on here: so that we can get an idea of numbers (for food + beer!)

Attending both IETF and Meetup

Would be good to get an idea of how many people may be going to both the IETF and meetup events as it may be worth sharing a minibus or some cabs rather than the tube (which is ridiculously expensive even with Oyster!)

Please add yourself to the list if you are planning on attending both the IETF and XMPP meetup.

  • Ashley Ward (assuming I can make it along to the IETF WG)
  • Matthew Wild
  • Yusuke Doi
  • Thijs Alkemade
  • Peter Saint-Andre

Talks at the Meetup

If anyone wants to do a talk at the Meetup then please add it on the list here, or let Lloyd, Laura or Myself know.


  • Overview of what was discussed/decided at the IETF WG. (Ash (talk) I'm happy to do this if I manage to make it along to the IETF WG, otherwise if someone else wants to pick it up...)
  • An update on the ubiquitous encryption initiative (Peter or Thijs)